[Snort-devel] Snort-2.7 Beta1

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Thu Feb 1 19:48:08 EST 2007

I have compiled snort-2.7beta1 from source on FreeBSD 6.2, here's my compile
option -

./configure --enable-stream4udp \
--enable-dynamicplugin --enable-timestats \
--enable-perfprofiling --enable-flexresp2 \
--enable-react --enable-gre \
--prefix=/usr/local/stow/snort-2.7b1 \
--with-dnet-includes=/usr/local/include \

Then regular make and make install. I uncomment this line in snort.conf -

preprocessor perfmonitor: time 300 file /nsm/ninja/snort.stats pktcnt 10000

Then I start to run snort and monitor the network interface in ids mode,
however there's nothing at all in snort.stats.

ls -la /nsm/ninja/snort.stats
-rw-r--r--  1 sguil  sguil  0 Feb  1 15:33 /nsm/ninja/snort.stats

BTW, I have no problem with snort 2.6.

Best Regards,

CS Lee<geekooL[at]gmail.com>
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