[Snort-devel] Dynamic preprocessor question - access to Preprocess function

Vladimir Shcherbakov vladimir at ...2929...
Fri Apr 6 20:31:32 EDT 2007

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your response and the patches - I'll try it and let you know 
how it goes.


Steven Sturges wrote:
> Vladimir Shcherbakov wrote:
>> Sure, that's fair :) Do you know what is the timeframe of the post-2.7.0 
>> release?
> Hi Vladimir--
> We don't have a solid time frame for the next release (beyond 2.7.0)
> at this point, however in looking at the required changes, it looks
> pretty straightforward.
> To address your request, attached are two patches, one for
> and one for 2.7.0 (what's current in CVS) that I put together quickly
> (ie, completely untested) to provide the functionality that you
> requested.
> After some testing, we'll try to get these changes merged into the
> code-bases for CVS download, so that they're included in the next
> release from those branches.
> Let us know if this meets your needs.
> Cheers.
> -steve

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