[Snort-devel] Snort 2.4.3 perfmonitor not finishing log entries properly

Alex Butcher alex.butcher at ...2437...
Thu Mar 9 03:31:02 EST 2006

Steven Sturges wrote:
> This relates to the issue that the signal handlers were
> causing snort to exit immediately.  Assuming the
> signal isn't a SEGV in writing the data, that is
> easily addressed (will be in the next release of snort).
> If you kill -9 the snort process, all bets are off.  :)


I'm using the standard RH killproc() function in /etc/init.d/functions,
without specifying a signal. Reading killproc(), this should send
SIGTERM, sleep for 100s, then send SIGKILL if it's not already dead.

> Cheers
> -steve

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