[Snort-devel] Fatal error while running Snort 2.6

Kamanhalli, Pavan S pavan.kamanhalli at ...2183...
Fri Jun 23 06:48:25 EDT 2006

   I got an error while running snort 2.6. Previously I was using 2.4.4
which ran perfectly without any errors.

ERROR: snort.conf(182) => Unknown rule type: dynamicpreprocessor
Fatal Error, Quitting..

I looked into snort.conf but could not figure out anything. The line
number 182 of snort.conf
      dynamicpreprocessor directory

     I have downloaded the source and then compiled it on Tru64. When I
tried to run,

      # ./snort -i tu0 -c snort.conf. I am getting the error. Kindly
help me in fixing this.  


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