[Snort-devel] Bug-report for snort 2.4.3 - interface + daemon

Dirk Geschke dirk at ...972...
Tue Jan 24 05:59:07 EST 2006

Hi Martin,

> 1. Snort is touching an interface it shouldn't mess with

I don't have this effect but I used a linux system...

> =====================================================================
> 2. Snort doesn't enter daemon mode
> In my snort.conf I have stated "config daemon".
> When starting snort some (but not all) things are logged to syslog instead
> of stdout, but the process is still running in the foreground.
> Right now there's a workaround - specify "-D" on the commandline.

This is a bug, the GoDaemon() call is done before reading the
config file...

Maybe one should add this to the ParseConfig() function in parser.c:

    else if(!strcasecmp(config, "daemon"))
        DEBUG_WRAP(DebugMessage(DEBUG_INIT, "Daemon mode flag set\n"););
        pv.daemon_flag = 1;
        pv.quiet_flag = 1;

Best regards


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