[Snort-devel] Plugin API Feature Request

Jeff Nathan jeff at ...835...
Sat Jan 21 02:01:21 EST 2006

With respect to issue 2, this can be done with libevent, as I did in  
the XML output plugin (op_alert_xml) in barnyard (you'll have to  
checkout using the JNATHAN branch if you want to see the code - it's  
not part of an actual barnyard release yet)


On Jan 20, 2006, at 8:13 AM, Thomas Seiler wrote:

> Hi snort-devel list,
> The current order of snort startup is: (AFAIK and AFA it concerns a  
> plugin)
> - Plugin Setup Function, registers Plugin
> - When the parser sees a plugin line in the conf, the Plugins Init  
> is run
> - The Rules are parsed
> - (1)
> - The main loop starts:
>    - The plugins is processing callback is called for each packet /  
> alert.
>    - (2)
> - When snort wants to exist, the Plugins CleanExit handler is called.
> - snort exists
> (1): I miss a way to run a handler / function in a plugin at the end
> of parsing the rules. This would be handy i.e. when you write a db
> output plugin. It would be possible to sync the signatures in the
> database in one go at startup instead of syncing while logging alerts.
> (2): I miss also a way to run a function in a periodic way. For now,
> the only way is to do periodic maintenance work inside the processing
> callback and check at callback time if it is time for maintenance
> work. The problem here is, that one needs an alert in order to be able
> to do maintenance work inside an output plugin. i.e. if I want to
> update the statistics (#packets / dropped...) for this sensor in the
> database.
> I think (1) is easily fixable by adding a new function pointer list
> aswell as an API call to register a callback function to be called
> after snort has finished parsing the config.
> (2) is a little bit harder, the callback function list and API is
> analogous to (1). libpcap has a timeout feature, if onw switches
> pcap_loop to pcap_dispatch.
> What do you think about the proposed features ? Is anyone  
> interested in these ?
> Any chance that such changes would be applied to snort, If I would
> provide a patch ?
> Thanks for reading this far,
> Thomas
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