[Snort-devel] Please do not use a vacation responder for your list memberships

Jeff Nathan jeff at ...835...
Thu Feb 16 08:08:04 EST 2006

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Over the past several years lots of users have reminded everyone that  
they should not use vacation or "out of the office" responders for  
mailing lists.  Simply put, if you are a member of mailing lists, you  
should make special exceptions for those lists to prevent every  
person that sends a message to the list from receiving one of your  
"so and so is out of the office email messages".

People that fail to make the exception above should expect to be  
removed from the list, plain and simple.  I forward every single out  
of the office message I receive onto the list admin address asking  
just that.  If you're bothered by receiving these "out of the office"  
vacation autoresponders, I encourage you to forward the response  
email on to one of the admin addresses:

snort-users-admin at lists.sourceforge.net
snort-devel-admin at lists.sourceforge.net
snort-sigs-admin at lists.sourceforge.net

Please think twice before setting up your vacation autoresponder.   
Part of what makes this a community is respecting those in the  
community and following the rules of email etiquette.

- -Jeff

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