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Mon Feb 13 10:36:01 EST 2006

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> Eric Lauzon [eric.lauzon at ...1967...] wrote on 13.02.06 18:23
> > If we talk about blocking , spo_unified does not block and it is
> probably > the most efficient way to log alerts you can find, 
> from there I guess you > can implement any fantasies you want 
> to output it anywhere afterward, aka > barnyard.
> I agree. But, the point of our specific plug-in is to have 
> something that is very easy to deploy and survey (aka one 
> single binary, one process to start, one single config-file) 
> and, I don't want to discuss the details of our specific 
> experimental plug-in here because it is not yet ready for 
> prime time. Instead I want to discuss the snort plug-in API. 
> I was using my case as an example in the hope to show what 
> features could be interesting for plug-in writers.

Well personaly i am still sold to the idea that on the long run
if snort current become threaded , single binary implementation 
is the ways to go , but as of the ways it is designed right now 
i am not sure that the output_pluggin should handle its own threading.

Still thats a choice of implementation that can be discusses forever and
the choice you are making are probably driven by your own requirement.

> > For child/thread awareness for thread and signal , you 
> could register
> a
> > thread list [pid list] and exit in the signal handler you can check
> [pid
> > check] for thread presence and exit and let only 1 calle to do the
> exit
> > hence , the parent.
> Nevertheless it will still not be possible to generate a "meta-alert"
> that logs the shutdown / restart of the sensor, because 
> during a call to
> CleanExit() the normal alert logging may be midway inside the 
> logging process for the previous alert.

Well signal handling design should be considered as an HALT operation , so 
you will certanly loose current inprocess information , unless you want to handle
SIGHUP so you reload other type of information as configuration /rule thus you can
continue to process the information in queue but thats again a design choice.

> > And in the context your exposing , what i might see being 
> dangerous is 
> > that your highly new output module is using direct database 
> connection
> [or
> > seem to], in this case you expose your IDS to severe 
> dependancy , even
> if
> > you use shared memory or named pipe to pass information 
> from the "IDS 
> > thread/process" to the "logging thread/process" you might 
> experience 
> > blocking,buffer congestion that might be caused by the 
> database end ,
> and
> > probably thats not what you want to happen.
> Nothing is preventing the forked process to read the unified 
> file, you can think of it as a minimal barnyard which binary 
> is integrated into snort as a plugin. But again we are 
> discussing technical details of our work which is not yet 
> finished. What I wanted to state is that it is currently 
> difficult to have a snort plugin create threads or child processes.

Sure nothing prevent that, still you have a single process where everything might fail.
As of issues with installation/maintenance having one binary dosent solve all your problems.
Still again implementation choices.

> > I guess "heartbeat" like implementation should be left to 
> the users to 
> > decide, as long as you implement it in a way that you can process it
> there
> > is many way where you can plug your heartbeat code.
> > In out case , it is implemented as a preprocessor for quick 
> changes in 
> > behavior. What you might want to see as a problem is that 
> there is no 
> > heartbeat if there is no packets.

> ... which is exactly what I criticized in my last mail. In 
> order for the user to decide, there has to be a way to 
> implement it first, and currently I don't see a way to 
> implement real heartbeats, again because of current API.

Well there is way to implement real heartbeat. But still thats up to you
to do it your way i guess. And i guess you have to come with your own API,
unless sourcefire design DEFACTO heartbea , where i could see that you still
could implement it the way you want.

> Thanks, if you happen to visit your new outpost in Sierre, 
> feel free to drop by...

hehe im not the traveling one :)



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