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Fri Feb 10 14:30:07 EST 2006

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> The Stream4 code sometimes marks a session as established.
> This occurs when a session is picked up midstream and we've 
> seen both sides of the connection.  We attempt to determine 
> the correct TCP state on these sessions in the case of 
> dropped packets -- or in your case, a PCAP that is 
> deliberately missing the SYN/SYN-ACK.  See line 3200 (or so) 
> of spp_stream4.c.
> Turning on enforce_state in Stream4 config causes Stream4 to 
> only mark sessions as established when it sees the full 3WHS.
> config stateful really only makes sense in that context 
> because the stream can be marked as established because of 
> midstream pickups.
> I'm all in favor of removing config stateful entirely, 
> because it has added all sorts of confusion with the addition 
> of the enforce_state (a while ago, mind you) to Stream4.
> Any votes on the matter?

Ok well i just want to make my statement to be seen as two things :

first the tcpreplay issue:
As of experience trying to get to replay attack scheme to develop
some signature a while ago (almost 2 year ago) i have ran in alot of issue
where tcpreplay was clearly replaying the packets but creating some bad checksum
that made snort automaticly drop the packets , droping checksum check made 
some of the replayed traffic ok but other traffic seemed mangled somehow , usualy
this happen when you take traffic from station X <-> Y and trying to make it look A <-> B,
going arround this issue personaly was to make snort directly read the pcap file and changing
my configuration over to matching source packet made it work.

So here i was suggesting off list Joel to try to use an other alternative to tcpreplay where i knew 
i ran into some problems in the past , this issue over i assume my presumption of the problem at first was wrong
suggesting the -z flag or config statefull equivalent in the snort.conf.

But has discussed offlist with steven and correct me if i am wrong , enabling stream4 enforce_state and state_protection
will enable some Session Object Possible denial of Service as of if you look at the code and no session is found for the corresponding
packet it will create a new session , enabling those two options will create a session only if it match a valid session Initialiser and
it will enable self preservation option enabled in stream4 , so personally i would say that i wouldn't see why it should be droped , i would
even suggest that the default behavior would be to enable those flag. 




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