[Snort-devel] two patch: add byte_test3 and byte_test more than 4 byte check

rmkml rmkml at ...879...
Tue Dec 12 13:12:11 EST 2006

Hi Snorter,

I joigned two patch work on snort v2.4.5 (but two file is same on v2.6.1):
  1) on byte_test keyword, I add test if bytes_to_grab = 3
  2) check if byte_test more than 4 byte !
Please check and maybe add on futur snort version.

I have created this two patch because I work on ssl decoding and analyzing 
protocol, and on this protocol, length are on 3 bit ! (second patch 
because snort not warning is snort not work with bytes_to_grab=3 {without 
first patch})

Thx you Marty for presentation the past, present and futur of snort.

Crusoe Researches
contact at ...2905...

Azwalaro French nids open source project
azwalaro at ...2905...

Best Regards
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