[Snort-devel] CSV output fixed

Terry Vernon tvernon24 at ...2251...
Sun May 8 17:49:12 EDT 2005

Fixed my issues,

For all who have a problem with the barnyard 0.2.0 build 32 alert_fast 
output plugin, there was a typo in the config file. it's output says 
it's supposed to be:

output alert_fast /var/www/html/alerts/alerts.txt

well I played with it a little and found that it REALLY works with:

output alert_fast: /var/www/html/alerts/alerts.txt (<- notice the colon 
after the plugin name)

Now, for the csv output problem, It just miraculously fixed itself after 
trying tons of ways, maybe it fixed itself once the fast alert flag was 
put in use.

Big thanks to whoever develops barnyard for the _extensive_ 
documentation on the software. (slathering on sarcasm with a paint 
roller) Other than that little doc issue it seems the software is now 
running well and is doing what I needed it to.

Hope this helps anyone
Terry Vernon

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