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Wed Jun 29 15:40:19 EDT 2005

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Hi Mark,

AM_MAINTANER_MODE should have been added to configure.in long ago (I  
event sent in a two line patch to do it about a year ago).

If memory serves, all AM_MAINTAINER_MODE should do is prevent the  
autotools from being executed during configure (as snort does now).

- -Jeff

The purpose of AM_MAINTAINER
On Jun 29, 2005, at 10:07 AM, Mark Deric wrote:

> I was just poking around with a freshly downloaded copy of v2.2.0 to
> look at a tarball of code mods a friend of mine gave me based upon "a
> CVS snapshot" he checked out around 8/16/04; he also sent me the
> original source tarball of the CVS checkout.  I wanted to diff his
> starting point with an "Official release".
> I found that the v2.2.0 distribution contains automake built files,
> Makefile.in's, configure, etc. and I wanted to get rid of them to make
> it look more like the CVS co.
> So, I added AM_MAINTAINER_MODE as the new line 8 of configure.in; ran
> autojunk and then ran ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode.
> I then ran make maintainer-clean, and, to my surprise the AM built  
> files
> were still there.  I expected them to be removed.
> Was my expectation wrong?  Did I miss a step?  Or am I totally off  
> base
> and can somebody tell me the "right" way to remove the AM built files?
> I'm fairly new to using the GNU auto suite; but I'm trying to use it
> more in my own work; and obviously, SNORT is a good sample use case.
> I'd appreciate any tips on this.
> Regards,
> Mark
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