[Snort-devel] Snort developers documentation

Sandro Poppi spoppi at ...224...
Mon Apr 18 02:25:17 EDT 2005


I took a brief look on your documentation and wanted to provide feedback:

I really appreciate your work! As far as I've seen it's very helpful to 
get used to the structs used within snort.

As I'm currently updating an output plugin for snort 2.3.2 I'm looking 
forward to seeing your work evolving since it could save me a lot of 
work finding the dependencies within the structs etc.

Do you also plan to do some documentation on stock snort plugins like 
the new sfportscan preprocessor?

Thank you very much,

Bedon Cortazar Charles Edward wrote:
> Hi,
> When we had our first approach to Snort's source code debugging, we 
> looked for
> documentation like a map or design diagrams and we didn't find anything.
> This is a very first release(v02_alpha) of diagrams for developers of 
> snort, we
> have tried to make it pretty graphical and though for beginners.
> Documentation can be found at
> http://www.unicauca.edu.co/~cbedon/snort/snort.html
> Comments and corrections are welcome, we know there are many things to do.
> -Charles Bedón
> -Andres Arboled
> a

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