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I have a machine that has dual processors and hyperthreading on both..  (cpu0-3)

It certainly benefits from the hyperthreading.  While it's nearly impossible to separate Snort performance from the rest of the processes on this machine, it's certainly benefitting.


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El mié, 29 de 09 de 2004 a las 09:32, Martin Olsson escribió:
> Nowdays new servers are shipped with Hyperthreading CPUs.
> Does Snort benefit from CPUs with Hyperthreading support? Should I 
> configure the system (FreeBSD 4.x) or compile Snort in some special 
> manner in order to get the most out of the machine and snort?
> /Elof

Snort surely benefits from having hyperthreading, it's like having two CPUs. I don't know how you activate this feature in FreeBSD, in Linux you just activate multiprocessing in the kernel and the kernel sees the hyperthreading feature as two CPUs. The result it's not as good as having two real CPUs but it's better than not using it. Have in mind that snort benefits also of having a huge amount of RAM.

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