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Dennis George easyeinfo at ...398...
Mon Oct 4 19:31:44 EDT 2004

Hi Arpan,
The best way to understand the code is through debugging... But before doing that you  have to understand the architecture of snort... The building blocks of snort... then try to correlate it with the code .... then you will get a better understanding....
For start I can say the first file from which the execution starts is snort.c.... you can grep for " main(" and you should have got that.... after that the configuration file is read and then .... .... 
So try to debug it.... you can find a way through it....

Arpan Acharya <arpanacharya at ...2499...> wrote:

Can someone please tell me about the inner workings of snort. For
example, which is the first c file that starts the program and then
control passed to which files and plugins etc..which are the
main/important header files and c files etc.

Is there any special documentation for the code anywhere??

I am going to be programming on snort and any information would be
really appreciated.

Thank You.

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