[Snort-devel] Win32 port of snort

Abe Use neosporin1v1 at ...445...
Mon Nov 29 10:54:00 EST 2004

I've been trying to compile snort 2.3.0RC1 under windows using cygwin. 
Haven't had much luck, and I was wondering if there was any documentation on 
how the windows snort 2.2 binary was compiled? I was also trying to use 
winpcap3.0 as opposed to winpcap2.3, as well as compiling mysql support in 
also, but the mysql stuff would probably just be handled by the snort.conf 
file anyway.

Anyone have any input on compiling snort on windows? The current error I am 
recieving is about libpcap,  I've tried modifing the configure script to 
look for winpcap headers instead without much luck.

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