[Snort-devel] Timer in the flows preprocessor

Raymond Pun raymondpun80 at ...445...
Thu Nov 11 16:59:04 EST 2004


I have a further question.

In the snort config, we have specified the home network address, like  How can I get that info in my preprocessor? Or is there any 
function that determine a given ip address is within a home network, 
something like IsHomeNetworkIP(in_addr *ip_addr)?

many many thanks.


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> Raymond Pun wrote:
>> Hi,
>> There is a parameter for the flow preprocessor that tells the inteveral
>> for reporting statistic. How the flow preprocessor output to screen
>> periodically? Is it using somekind of timer? I am not able to find it in
>> the code. Could someone please point it to me?
> Well, the interval is set to the default in  FlowInit() and then set to
> the value written in the config file, if any, by  FlowParseArgs().  They
> store this in the s_config struct's stats_interval variable.
> In FlowPreprocessor(), this is used by this code:
> /* printout some verbose statistics */
>    if(s_config.stats_interval  &&
>       ((last_output + s_config.stats_interval) <= p->pkth->ts.tv_sec))
>    {
>        last_output =  p->pkth->ts.tv_sec;
>        if(!pv.quiet_flag)
>            flowcache_stats(stdout, fcache);
>    }
> The code here checks if this packet came in stats_interval or more
> seconds since the time of the last output.  If it has, it sets
> last_output to the time of the current packet and calls
> flowcache_stats() to print statistics.
> That function is in the flow_cache.c code in the preprocessor/flow
> directory, which might be confusing you.  The flow and HttpInspect
> preprocessors get their own directories for most of their code, as its
> broken up into a number of files.
> - Jay
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