[Snort-devel] Snort CVS Moving to cvs.snort.org

Martin Roesch roesch at ...402...
Tue Jun 29 08:45:03 EDT 2004

Effective today the Snort CVS server will be moving from our current 
hosting at Sourceforge to a brand new server here at snort.org.  We've 
been glad for the free hosting that Sourceforge has offered over the 
past 3+ years but now that we have the resources available we feel like 
we can provide something that suits our requirements more fully.

Here are the commands to check out code from the server (on the HEAD 

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at ...2571...:/cvsroot login
(press <Enter> when prompted for a password)
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at ...2571...:/cvsroot co snort

The practical effects of this change to you as Snort users are better 
server uptime, faster sync times between developer 
check-ins/availability for anonymous checkouts and no more stale locks 
preventing code check outs.  The server is also hosted on burstable 
bandwidth at the Sourcefire colo so it should be faster than what we've 
had in the past, but YMMV based on your local net conditions.

If anyone has any questions or problems, please let me or Jeremy 
Hewlett <jh at ...835...> know.


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Snort: Open Source Network IDS - http://www.snort.org

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