[Snort-devel] problem with stream reassembly

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if I understand what you are saying, your problem is that a string that
happens across a packet boundary does not get detected. I think this is normal
behaviour, since stream reassembly flushes the buffer of stream packets every so often
to produce a reassmbled packet that is then reinjected into the detection engine.
So there are packet boundaries across which strings do not get detected, but the
idea is that since the attacker should not be able to predict which packet boundaries
will be missed (because of pseudo-random behaviour) he cannot reliably evade detection.

my 2 cents,
Paolo Milani

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Subject: [Snort-devel] problem with stream reassembly

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I have a tcpdump trace containing packets from a "wget" I did on o local
web server. The page I asked is around 4k. When I perform tcp reassembly
(on both sides) using stream4 I get a reassembled packet but does not
contain the whole page ( a packet is missing from the reassembly , I can
detect a string that is located half in the 1st and half in the 2nd packet
of the page but not a string between 2nd and 3rd packet). I am using Snort
2.2.0RC1. The configuration file (containing the string I cannot detect)
as well as the trace are attached.

thanks in advance,
Antonatos Spiros

Gruppo Telecom Italia - Direzione e coordinamento di Telecom Italia S.p.A.

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