[Snort-devel] multithreaded snort

Jost Kannegieser jost.kannegieser at ...2342...
Wed Jan 28 00:48:13 EST 2004

I agree to Peters suggestion - putting support for different DBMS's in different output
modules is in general a good idea. 
This and running all DBMS's specific connect and insert stuff in seperate threads 
would IMHO bring snort to the next level of useability.

best regards,

Am 27.01.2004 22:05:56, schrieb Peter_J_Moore at ...1684...:

>Apologies for the Lotus Notes formatting.
>I think that each database "flavour" should have their own spo_xxxx.h file
>(eg sp_postgresql.h) and all relevant database functions including state
>and other connectivity issues should be maintained in that file.
>IMHO there's a lot of #ifdef clutter in sp_database.c and it can be tedious
>wading through them all. This would allow the easy addition of other
>DBMS's like Sybase instead of having to go through and add in a myriad of
>#ifdefs to get Sybase working in the current "format". (i got it working
>btw, but thats another story)
>I'd certainly be up for helping redesign this as i have DBA experience with
>Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, and developed apps using
>Oracle. I have access to PostgreSQL and Sybase at home (as well as MySQL if
>necessary) and Oracle here at work. I can arrange access to MS SQL Server.
>Peter Moore
>Senior Technical Specialist
>Distributed Services - Internet, Intranet & Infrastructure
>National Australia Bank

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