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Thu Jan 22 13:57:32 EST 2004

Your e-mail has NOT been received by the receipient(s). The destination regulator has now moved to Ofcom's offices. 

Ofcom will be the new communications regulator when it assumes its powers on Monday 29 December 2003. Ofcom will inherit the duties of the five existing regulators it will replace . the Broadcasting Standards Commission, the Independent Television Commission, Oftel, the Radio Authority and the Radiocommunications Agency.  An independent regulatory body, Ofcom will also fulfil the additional duties enacted in the provisions laid down in the Communications Act 2003.  The transition to Ofcom will begin on Monday 17 November and end on Sunday 28 December. During this period, individuals based in Ofcom's offices and using Ofcom's services may be required to act on behalf of the legacy regulators which Ofcom will replace.  Similarly,  publications that were created by the original five regulators (and branded as such) will continue to be issued, in some case even after 29 December 2003. These publications should be deemed to be Ofcom approved until such time as they are either withdrawn 
or superseded by new Ofcom publications.
Contacting Ofcom
Ofcom will be offering many self-help features on its website which can be found at www.ofcom.org.uk. 
020 7981 3000 is Ofcom's main telephone switchboard number.  To telephone a named individual or specific function, please call this number or the relevant direct line if you know it.  Alternatively, send a fax to 020 7981 3333, or write to Ofcom at:

	Riverside House, 2a Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HA.

Specific contacts regarding the following will be managed by the Ofcom Contact Centre, which will be operational from 8 December 2003:

	- complaints handling (including telecommunications, broadcasting content and TV/radio interference);
	- general enquiries or queries regarding licensing/spectrum (including fees), broadcasting or telecommunications;
	- business radio licensing authorisations; and
	- publications requests.

The Ofcom Contact Centre can be contacted by:

	Telephone:  0845 456 3000 
	Textphone:  0845 456 3003
	Fax:        0845 456 3333
	E-mail:     contact at ...2337...

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