[Snort-devel] Snort 2.1.0 hangs/stops responding

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Tue Jan 20 09:25:01 EST 2004

I don't think this is the problem with file size because I am chopping the file after every 5 minutes. So,Maximum file size can grow upto 500-600 MB. I think it issue with SNORT with such a heavy traffic. My ethernet card is connected directly to my corporate network and it has whole lots of data flowing. 
SNORT might not be able to handle so much of data.
This time,I will try to see the CPU and memory for SNORT instance to see if there is any memory leak.

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Well, given that you are capturing "huge amount of packets (100MB/min)" 
and it works fine if you HUP snort... check the file limit size for the 
file system that you are using.  Given that you are running RedHat with 
kernel 2.4.6 (if my memory serves me right... circa RH 7 or 7.1), you 
are probably running an older version of ext2 file system.  This has a 
limit of 2GB per file.  Run ls -lsh on the "stopped" files in question 
and see if they are all a certain size.  If they are, you might have a 


On Jan 19, 2004, at 6:06 PM, Kumar, Manoj wrote:

> Thanks for your response Dick.
> Strange thing is that process is active.Only thing is that it has 
> stopped logging data to tcpdump file.Yes,you are right. I am running 
> on RedHat linux 2.4.6.
> I will try to attach the process to strace and see the behaviour.
> Manoj
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> Hi Manoj,
>> I am facing a problem with SNORT 2.1.0 and even previous versions
>> like 2.0.0 or 2.0.6 etc has some problem if it captures a huge amount
>> of packets (100MB/min). It stops responding after running for quite
>> some time. Some time, for 1-2 days and some time for couple of hours
>> depending on traffic flow. I am capturing data on Gigabit ethernet
>> card(eth1).
>> I have only way to keep it capturing continously is by killing the
>> SNORT process  after about 1 hour or so. Any idea,why I am facing
>> this problem.Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> did you verify the process status if snort stops working?
> Especially cpu usage and memory consumption would be interesting
> aspects.
> Did you try to attach with strace (the device name eth1 sounds as
> you are running linux?) to the running process (strace -p[PID])?
> Where there some error messages of snort either on sdterr or
> in the syslog files?
> This should give at least some hints where to start debugging.
> Best regards
> Dirk Geschke
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