[Snort-devel] Snort RPM Info

JP Vossen vossenjp at ...628...
Wed Jan 7 15:11:03 EST 2004


I have (belatedly) joined this group (in digest mode, so give me a little lead
time) to monitor Snort RPM related issues.  FYI, the RPM issue e-mail address
is rpms at ...835..., but it's probably only listed in the RPM documentation...

Of possible interest to this group is the "Not Quite (Yet) Official Snort
RPMs" page than Dan (my RPM co-maintainer) hosts at

"This page is a 'first look' or beta page, and also contains extra files and
information about Snort RPMs that may be of interest. The official RPMs will
be signed by the Snort PGP/GPG key and posted on Snort.org as usual, once
they are blessed."

I apologize if any RPM issues have been neglected.  I was not aware they were
being posted to this list until recently.  I will do my best to stay more on
top in the future.

Let me know if I can help,
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