[Snort-devel] Bug in logrotate and a documentation suggestion]

JP Vossen vossenjp at ...628...
Wed Jan 7 13:49:01 EST 2004

> From: "Maarten Bremer" <maarten at ...2287...>
> To: snort-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: [Snort-devel] Bug in logrotate and a documentation suggestion
> Organization: Xolphin
> Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 19:31:11 +0100
> While installing it to our servers I discovered some minor error in the RPM
> build (snort-2.0.4-1.i386.rpm). In /etc/logrotate.d/snort there is a
> reference to "/va/rlog/snort". Obviously this should be "/var/log/snort".

This was corrected on or before Wed, 3 Dec 2003 and should be in current and
future builds.

Also, see my next message.

> It took me a while to figure out how to scan on multiple interfaces. The
> documentation is referencing to the "S. Krahmer's patch" which is quite hard
> to find. It took me very long to finally figure out the solution was easy,
> it was almost working right out of the box. The only thing that needed to be
> done was altering the INTERFACE option to ALL in /etc/sysconfig/snort. It
> would be nice if you could add this to the FAQ / documentation, so other
> people notice this great feature too.

Cool, Dan will be happy!  Dan & I (the RPM guys) have no control over the main
Snort Docs, but hopefully Brian has seen thins and can tweak it when he has a

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