[Snort-devel] PPPoE decoding

Matt Thompson mthompson at ...2407...
Fri Feb 27 19:01:01 EST 2004

There is a problem when decoding PPPoE packets since the Packet->pkt pointer is not reset to the beginning of the ethernet header, it is being set to the PPP headers.  I've included a patch.

This causes barnyard to ignore all of the alerts when it tries to decode.

I'm using a passive tap on a DSL connection, connected to two ethernet ports that act as a bridge on the sensor.  Snort is configured to listen from the bridge to see a reassembly of the split streams out of a tap.  Would be nice to see Snort be able to listen off multiple interfaces for tap use to avoid the software bridge.

Matt Thompson

--- decode.c    Mon Oct 20 11:03:17 2003
+++ decode-fix.c        Fri Feb 27 21:38:36 2004
@@ -101,8 +101,9 @@
             DecodePPPoEPkt(p, pkthdr, pkt);
+           p->pkt = pkt;

         case ETHERNET_TYPE_IP:

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