[Snort-devel] stateful table for wireless attack detection tools

Sebastien GRACIA sgracia at ...1042...
Thu Feb 26 08:44:03 EST 2004

Dear all,  
I'm currently working on implementing some specific wireless attack detection  
tools for snort. 
Consequently, I really feel interested with your works. 
To summarized I'm working on elaborating a data recording stateful table used by  
dedicated wireless preprocessors. 
The index of this table will be "MAC address hash" based. 
Data recorded will depend on some dedicated preprocessors activated through  
snort.conf file. 
At the moment, I have partly implemented the "stateful table" part and a  
desauthentification flood preprocessor using it. Both should be finished next  
week... I hope so at least. 
A MAC spoofing detection preprocessor should follow. 
If you are interesting with this, feel free to contact me. It would be a  
pleasure to submit my work to you. 

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