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Wed Feb 4 03:02:10 EST 2004

I used Snort for more than one year as an Intrusion Detection System, assisted
by a Perl script of mine to collect every Intrusion IP address, block them
into iptable, and generate an HTML report of every source with their own open
ports. The latest part was accomplished with nmap from my Perl script.

If you want my source code, look for Master-Slave at sourceforge.net


On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, Tao Peng wrote:

TP >Dear All,
TP >
TP >I am interested in hacking the source code of Snort, and intend to use
TP >snort as the traffic statistics collector. I was wondering is there any
TP >document introducing the structure of Snort? For example, which source
TP >code file is used to capture the packets, and how to call for the
TP >variables of captured packets? Any tips is highly appreciated!
TP >
TP >Best regards
TP >
TP >Tao
TP >
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