[Snort-devel] Theoretical questions about snort

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Thu Dec 23 08:35:07 EST 2004

Dear Snort- Developers,

I'm quite new to snort but nevertheless very enthusiastic about it. What
strikes me most is the enormous speed of snort (able to scan a 150MBit line
with nearly no packet loss)!
I'd even like to contribute to snort (in programming some code), but for a
snort- newbie starting is difficult. The source code contains only a few
information about what's going on - so, is there a white paper (or a book)
out there, that covers especially the internal programming and behaviour of
What I think is especially odd, is the enormous speed. When I imagine my
code walking down a linked list of e.g. 2500 rules for EACH PACKET - this
would end really s l o w . . .
So, how is it done? How is Snort able to check for so many rules per packet
in such a small time? Is there any trick behind it?

Thanks a lot and merry christmas


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