[Snort-devel] IPv6 developement

eroger eroger at ...2681...
Mon Dec 6 12:27:04 EST 2004

I'm a french student in computer science at the University of Caen.
Within the framework of my studies, I have to analyse the compatibility of 
important IDS's with ipv6, and in a second step, use this knowledge to write 
new rules in order to upgrade snort to make it completely compatible ipv6.
For this work, I'm supervised by a teacher and the network administrator of 
university of Caen.
According to 
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=snort-devel&m=109159101527919&w=2, this 
project is under developement, and I would like to know if I could we act 

Best regards 

Emmanuel Roger
Master2 RADI
University Of Caen (France) 

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