[Snort-devel] Utility, might be usefull to more than me.

Keith T. Morgan keith.morgan at ...2626...
Tue Aug 31 07:09:04 EDT 2004

I'm not a member of this list so, please reply to me directly.

I have about 12 pigs tied together and alerting to one snort/acid
database.  A big issue for us is failure to realize that a sensor has
lost its connection to the database and is no longer sending alerts.

I've written a (probably quite crappy) perl script that can take a
configuration file and be run via cron to check to see the last time one
(or all) of your sensors has alerted.  If this thing would be considered
even vaguely usefull to any of the snort community, I'd love to

Where would one submit stuff for contrib or peer review?

-- Keith Morgan

"Hey Pants... Any advice for getting through turn 1 with 55 motorcycles
on the grid?"
"Yeah.  Don't Crash."
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