[Snort-devel] Bus error on sparc 64

Brian Koontz brian at ...2594...
Wed Aug 4 13:26:14 EDT 2004

Compiled version 2.0.4 runs OK on my Sparc 64 running OpenBSD 
(sparc64-unknown-openbsd3.4). Versions 2.1.3 and 2.2.0RC1 fail during 

Initializing rule chains...
Bus error (core dumped)

gdb won't resolve the problem:

Dwarf Error: Cannot find referent at offset 518.

I've looked back through the archives, but the last sparc64 bug fix 
appeared almost a year ago.  Are there still outstanding memory issues 
that I need to patch for?

Also, I noticed that 2.1.3 now used libpcre, whereas 2.0.4 does 
not...could there be something up with that?

As I type this, I notice that 2.0.4, after monitoring for a while, dies 
with a bus error.  So I guess the problem isn't fixed on the sparcs.


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