[Snort-devel] Better Port Lists

Martin Roesch roesch at ...402...
Tue Aug 3 20:40:03 EDT 2004

We need to build a fast port lookup database thing 
(heap/cache/whatever) so that we can do fast lookups and minimize the 
amount of memory.  Obviously I haven't put too much thought into it 
because shoehorning it into the existing system would be a PITA (on the 
order of what happened when we added IP lists).

Anyway, we've got some fairly significant work on the drawing board for 
doing target-based IDS and getting port lists in there will be part of 
it, have no fear. :)


On Jul 20, 2004, at 9:52 AM, Alex Butcher, ISC/ISYS wrote:

> --On 14 July 2004 21:44 +0000 "Sheppard Martin Contr AFRL/IFGB" 
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>> I have been waiting for this for a few years also.  sigh..  Haven't 
>> had
>> the time to do it myself.  Haven't seen any mention of a timeframe for
>> implementation, but this feature request does show up on the list 
>> every so
>> often.  someday:)
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>> There is one feature that we really miss in Snort which is the ability
>> to declare arbitrary port lists/sets like 80,8000-8099,9000 (using the
>> Nmap syntax).
> My guess is that this hasn't been done because it would either require 
> comparing two 16KByte bitmaps (i.e. one bit for every port, both UDP 
> and TCP) for every packet analysed, or the analysis engine would have 
> to use a linked list to represent arbitrary ranges (i.e. start port, 
> end port, "next port range" pointer).
> I suspect both would add significant per-packet overhead to the 
> analysis.
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