[Snort-devel] legit network-traffic generating tool?

Ravi ravivsn at ...2125...
Wed Apr 28 23:35:02 EDT 2004

 To simulate real webtraffic and thereby test Snort plugin use
    - nessus, the vulnerability scanner to send attack packets
    - HammerHead, a tool that can act as HTTP client and generates huge 
traffic at a time. It will stress your network with lots of genuine http 
requests. Or you can use hardware boxes like smartbits.
    - To send packets to evade IDS, use nikto or Mutate2

ROCSYS Technologies Ltd.,

siddharth thakkar wrote:

>Just curious if anyone knows some tool or program
>which I could use to create "realistic"
>network-traffic including some http, ftp, long file
>downloads, etc.?  Basically, I need something that can
>simulate real web-activity.  
>I have coded a worm-detecting preprocessor plugin for
>Snort, but I want such a traffic-generating tool to
>test how well my Snort plugin detects the kind of
>worms its made for...and may be eliminate
>Let me know if anyone knows such a program out there
>which can help stress test my network with such
>legitimate traffic (in addition to my worm code which
>I'll be running).
>I'm looking through sourceforge, but haven't noticed
>anything relevant. (except may be
>Thanks in advance,  (hope I explained it well, let me
>know if I haven't :) )
>~Siddharth Thakkar
>Univ. of Southern California.
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