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Tue Apr 27 10:19:27 EDT 2004

Could be a lot of things that are dimensioned or allocated, don't do
this - it's not designed for this test.  If you insist you'll have to
get into a debugger and start identifying where Snort   seg faults.
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Subject: [Snort-devel] snort limitations
I am testing snort out with a dual processor AMD 2600+ linux box running
snort 2.1.2 with 3gigs of RAM and am able to get snort to seg fault on
me when I increase the number of rules I am using to around 30,000 or
so.  I am creating randomly generated rules to try and gauge the
performance of snort as the # of rules increase.  I send around 700
Mbits/sec at my IDS and I have yet to see snort drop any packets.  I am
however limited in the # of rules I can test because of the seg fault
issue.  Below is a sample of my "random" rules.
alert tcp any any -> any  any (content:"|145616|"; msg:"Found rule";)
alert tcp any any -> any  any (content:"|945917|"; msg:"Found rule";)
alert tcp any any -> any  any (content:"|444646|"; msg:"Found rule";)
Any ideas on what might be causing this problem or how I can increase my
ruleset.  Below is a copy of my last experiment with snort (running
60000 rules)
Thanks for any help you can provide,
[root at ...2505... snort-2.1.2]# ./run_snort 
Running in IDS mode
Log directory = ./log/
Initializing Network Interface eth1
        --== Initializing Snort ==--
Initializing Output Plugins!
Decoding Ethernet on interface eth1
Initializing Preprocessors!
Initializing Plug-ins!
Parsing Rules file etc/snort.conf
Initializing rule chains...
,-----------[Flow Config]----------------------
| Stats Interval:  0
| Hash Method:     2
| Memcap:          10485760
| Rows  :          4099
| Overhead Bytes:  16400(%0.16)
No arguments to frag2 directive, setting defaults to:
    Fragment timeout: 60 seconds
    Fragment memory cap: 4194304 bytes
    Fragment min_ttl:   0
    Fragment ttl_limit: 5
    Fragment Problems: 0
    Self preservation threshold: 500
    Self preservation period: 90
    Suspend threshold: 1000
    Suspend period: 30
Stream4 config:
    Stateful inspection: ACTIVE
    Session statistics: INACTIVE
    Session timeout: 30 seconds
    Session memory cap: 8388608 bytes
    State alerts: INACTIVE
    Evasion alerts: INACTIVE
    Scan alerts: INACTIVE
    Log Flushed Streams: INACTIVE
    MinTTL: 1
    TTL Limit: 5
    Async Link: 0
    State Protection: 0
    Self preservation threshold: 50
    Self preservation period: 90
    Suspend threshold: 200
    Suspend period: 30
Stream4_reassemble config:
    Server reassembly: INACTIVE
    Client reassembly: ACTIVE
    Reassembler alerts: ACTIVE
    Zero out flushed packets: INACTIVE
    flush_data_diff_size: 500
    Ports: 21 23 25 53 80 110 111 143 513 1433 
    Emergency Ports: 21 23 25 53 80 110 111 143 513 1433 
HttpInspect Config:
      Max Pipeline Requests:    0
      Inspection Type:          STATELESS
      Detect Proxy Usage:       NO
      IIS Unicode Map Filename: etc/unicode.map
      IIS Unicode Map Codepage: 1252
      Ports: 80 8080 8180 
      Flow Depth: 300
      Max Chunk Length: 500000
      Inspect Pipeline Requests: YES
      URI Discovery Strict Mode: NO
      Allow Proxy Usage: NO
      Disable Alerting: NO
      Oversize Dir Length: 500
      Only inspect URI: NO
      Ascii: YES alert: NO
      Double Decoding: YES alert: YES
      %U Encoding: YES alert: YES
      Bare Byte: YES alert: YES
      Base36: OFF
      UTF 8: OFF
      IIS Unicode: YES alert: YES
      Multiple Slash: YES alert: NO
      IIS Backslash: YES alert: NO
      Directory: YES alert: NO
      Apache WhiteSpace: YES alert: YES
      IIS Delimiter: YES alert: YES
      Non-RFC Compliant Characters: NONE
rpc_decode arguments:
    Ports to decode RPC on: 111 32771 
    alert_fragments: INACTIVE
    alert_large_fragments: ACTIVE
    alert_incomplete: ACTIVE
    alert_multiple_requests: ACTIVE
telnet_decode arguments:
    Ports to decode telnet on: 21 23 25 119 
60000 Snort rules read...
60000 Option Chains linked into 1 Chain Headers
0 Dynamic rules

| memory-cap : 1048576 bytes
| none
| none
| none
Rule application order: ->activation->dynamic->alert->pass->log
        --== Initialization Complete ==--
-*> Snort! <*-
Version 2.1.2 (Build 25)
By Martin Roesch (roesch at ...402..., www.snort.org)
./run_snort: line 1: 15865 Segmentation fault      snort -c
etc/snort.conf -i eth1 -d -l ./log/
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