[Snort-devel] time range options for rules

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Wed Apr 21 15:46:07 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 17:38, Federico Castañeda wrote:
> There is any planned modification in rules options to include time
> range validation? For example, if I want to write a rule for a period
> of time, and include something like:
> valid_from: "2004-04-19"; valid_to: "2004-05-01";

I had brought up something similar in the past: A rule option that
specifies a time period. That allows someone to enable or disable a rule
during certain time period, for example, during batched FTP transfer
windows or virus update windows.

It may be to intensive for Snort to check the date on every packet. I
found that cron can help out tremendously for en/dis-abling rules on the
fly. That way Snort isn't bothered on every packet, but instead with a
HUP signal for reload of rules on the time boundaries.

The same should work for you with fixed dates. I would look at utilizing
scripts that are scheduled with the at command.


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