[Snort-devel] About Snort Set Based Rule Inspection And Parameterized search!

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You do not have to change the code to add rules, unless you are adding
new rule options to the rules language.  The term parameterized search
refers to the process of testing each rule option in order.   
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Parameterized search!
I know that you are all busy ,
but please if any one could kindly answer my question!
I read white papers from 
  Snort 2.0 - Detection Revisited
  Snort 2.0 - High Performance Multi-Rule Inspection Engine
  Snort 2.0 - Rule Optimizer
  Snort 2.0 - Protocol Flow Analyzer
So that I could understand how Snort match the incoming
packet against The Rule Set,
I have only one question, I need to know whether its right
 or wrong.
As I understand from the papers that Snort divides rules 
into sets and subsets then start matching according to 
Set Based Rule Inspection combined with Parameterized search,
I really need to know exactly what is the parameterized search 
And what will happen if a new rule is added will this require
 updating The code ??

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