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Tue Apr 6 09:49:06 EDT 2004

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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Richardson <Michael.Richardson at ...2449...> writes:
    Michael> The changes/churn is extensive, but not that major. I have
    Michael> generated a patch and applied it to HEAD checked out from
    Michael> SF.net. The patch is at:
    Michael> http://www.sandelman.ca/SSW/seaway/snort1.patch.gz

    Michael>       patch -p0 it from "snort" directory.

  This patch is incomplete - it compiled, but it was wrong due to
missing/wrong prototypes. (Often the .c file didn't include the .h file!)

  I found this while testing snort on Friday afternoon.
  I have since been back and made sure that it compiles with
     -Wmissing-prototypes -Wstrict-prototypes -Werror

  There was one place where this was difficult, and this was with the
mpse code. Some of it assumes that the match function takes wants
an unsigned id, other parts assume "void *".

  I changed it to be a union of the two. I think the snort code only
ever uses the void *id usage.

  Having done that, I discovered in testing that the Alert*() functions
can get called with "Packet *p" == NULL.  As such, p->tv will not be
available. So, the Alert*() functions grew a "TV *tv" parameter.
  (having prototypes made that MUCH easier)

  It seems to operate in UML test bed just fine now.

  The revised patch (against CVS from Friday, since sf.net seems broken
today...) is at

  Now, back to benchmarking of the SW5000.

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