[Snort-devel] Snort Pattern Search Algorithms

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Snort uses a variant of the Wu-Manber algorithm, and a straight forward
implementation of the Aho-Corasick state machine.  These perform the
high speed multi-pattern matching in Snort.  You need to find the links
on the snort.org web site to the papers that describe the detection
engine as a whole in order to understand how the whole thing is tied
together.  You'll also need to read a fair amount of source code, since
much of snort is not documented outside of the source code.  Good luck. 
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Hi EverOne,
Iam in need of some documents which explains me in detail about the
Pattern Match Algorithm Techniques currently used 
by snort in Version (=/>)2.0. I want to know as to how thus snort uses
the Multiple content search and implement the 
special options such as distance,Within etc. 
I am aware about the basic algorithm like Boyer Moyre & AC_BM apporaches
mentioned in the doc present at the following link.
But i want to know about the current implementation as i read somewhere
it uses a enhanced approach BM set wise algo etc.
Thanks in Advance !!

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