[Snort-devel] A little bug in latest rpm

Matjaz Mihelic matooo at ...2462...
Mon Apr 5 07:08:20 EDT 2004

while snort.conf points to preprocessor http_inspect points to
iis_unicode_map 1252, there are no unicode maps in this rpm and snort
shuts down only reporting error in syslog.

commenting this option helps but i don't know if that's good or bad (to
disable this part, since i don't know what iis code pages have to do
with apache:? )

btw. is there maybe a possibility to include syslog output switch in
/etc/sysconfig/snort (and i'm not the only one). Every rpm that I
install forces me to edit /etc/init.d/snortd and add -s switch. simple
patch for that would do it :P

thx, matjaz
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