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Fri Apr 2 01:15:13 EST 2004

Well, sounds good, but then the only way to achieve this would be that the
plugin has to get every packet according to the rule WITHOUT looking at the
payload, i.e. only src/dst ip/port. That would decrease performance, and on
the other hand you wouldn't need an IDS, you can do this with tcpdump also,
or use snort with a rule using the tag keyword like

alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET any -> $SMTP_SERVERS 25 (msg:"SMTP

Just my 2 cents.

> What do you think about this:
> making a plugin that stores all, say, tcp session from the 
> very first packet
> to the very last for some rules.
> example: you have a match, say, in some smtp rule. The 
> beginning of the
> stream with smtp headers already lost, as well as lost all subsequent
> packets. So you mark that smtp rule with some keyword, and when it is
> matched, full stream is saved say in pcap file for further 
> investigation.
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