[Snort-devel] plugin idea

Piotr Kowalczyk pikov at ...2454...
Thu Apr 1 10:43:02 EST 2004

Hello World\n

I think this is maybe the right place to ask, and hope you won't throw
me out. Just read. 
First of all, I'm not considering myself as a Snort specialist. I'm
going to make a plugin (eventually preprocessor, but i think it'd be
harder) which detects some kind of attack - as well as possible, and in
_reasonable_ amount of time. The problem is that, i really need some
idea, something which hasn't been implemented yet and wouldn't be too
hard to do. First I thought about searching regexps (pcre), but this is
already done. 
It's not my purpose to contribute to Snort (but if it what i write could
be good enough, great!), so it doesn't have to be anything extremely
Just give me some ideas, i really need help (to finish my Technical
University as fast as possible), please. 
I'd be _extremely_ grateful, 
and thank you in advance

	Piotr Kowalczyk

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