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Tue Sep 23 11:57:09 EDT 2003

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You're in luck,

Once upon a time I wrote a shell script that you might enjoy.


- -Jeff

On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 09:32 AM, Steve G wrote:

>> -HUP works and works just fine
> IMHO, it doesn't. Maybe this is a case for capabilities. It won't
> solve the chroot problem, though. Also, now that I look in
> util.c, I see that if you are chroot'ing the daemon, it installs
> a different signal handler.
>> So long it's even in the FAQ (6.19).  It's amazing what
>> we hide in there isn't it?  ;-)
> Right. I usually look at the man page where it explains the
> signal usage available to an admin.
>> Need to HUP it?  Don't use -u -g or -t.
> Maybe following the lead of the SigChrootHupHandler is the best
> compromise? If the -u option is present, install an "I can't do
> this" signal handler.
> Reviewing the current signal handlers...I see a couple of
> problems . Two of them call some non-reentrant functions. I think
> syslog, fprintf, puts are highly discouraged by the SUS for use
> in signal handlers. It looks like both of those signal handlers
> should be serialized and called from the main event loop.
> -Steve Grubb
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