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Mon Sep 22 23:25:08 EDT 2003

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On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 01:43 AM, Denny Page wrote:

>>> BTW, can you not do a setreuid() back to root since the saved uid
>>> is root?
>> Yes you can, we should do that.
> No, you shouldn't.  :-)
> Once you've done a setuid to discard privilege, you should not 
> reinstate it
> for any reason.
> Denny

The wrapper function SetUidGid() (in util.c) calls setuid().  A call to 
setuid() made by root sets the saved user ID to the euid.  Thus, if we 
added code to call setreuid(), it would use the saved user ID which was 
equivalent to the euid when setuid() was called which would serve no 

Conceptually, I see what you're getting at, but as explained on page 
217 of APUE (Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment), it doesn't 
work.  As I understand it, calling setreuid() is useful for the exec 
family of functions on setuid binaries but not when setuid() is called.

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