[Snort-devel] Big memory leaks in snort 2.0.2

Steve G linux_4ever at ...398...
Sun Sep 21 10:26:06 EDT 2003


First, thanks to everyone that has worked on making snort the
great tool it is!

Secondly, I have a bug report. The obligitory info:

System Architecture: x86
Operating System and version: RH 8.0, 2.4.20 kernel
Version of Snort: 2.0.2

Snort is leaking massive amounts of memory. The problem starts in
the parsers by calling mSplit().

mSplit makes a series of calls to malloc. The first is to
allocate an array for the pointers of tokens it will return. Then
it makes a call to malloc for each token it finds.

grep'ing around the source code, most functions that call mSplit
fail to free anything returned by mSplit. Functions that do free
anything always forget to free the memory that holds the array of
pointers. Normally, this is toks or pp_head.

With a normal ruleset downloaded from snort.org, I get about 600k
of lost memory. Now thow in a few kill -HUPs and the memory loss
multiplies. The leaks can be much worse depending on what
preprocessors you have enabled.

I started patching this problem and quickly realized this is a
big problem and more people should know about this and help patch
it. I would recommend patching all these memory leaks and
releasing a 2.0.3 that covers just the memory leaks...no new

To see the mSplit memory leaks first hand, try this:

valgrind --leak-check=yes --leak-resolution=high --num-callers=8
--logfile-fd=19  /usr/sbin/snort -u snort -g snort -d  -c
/etc/snort/snort.conf  19> log.txt

Let snort come up and then send it a sigterm. sigkill causes
valgrind to abort instead of do the leak check. Valgrind reports
other problems in the application, but lets solve the memory
leaks first. The output of valgrind is in log.txt of your current

Here's a sample valgrind error record:

==9704== 760 bytes in 19 blocks are definitely lost in loss
record 199 of 208
==9704==    at 0x40025394: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:153)
==9704==    by 0x804F834: mSplit (../../../src/mstring.c:143)
==9704==    by 0x8050531: ParseRule (../../../src/parser.c:481)
==9704==    by 0x804FF31: ParseRulesFile
==9704==    by 0x805596E: SnortMain (../../../src/snort.c:461)
==9704==    by 0x80555B6: main (../../../src/snort.c:166)
==9704==    by 0x402E14EC: __libc_start_main (in
==9704==    by 0x804A288: (within /usr/sbin/snort-mysql)

I have attached a patch to this e-mail that starts the cleanup
process. Much more work needs to be done, though.

Best Regards,
-Steve Grubb

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