[Snort-devel] Re: Snort SNMP

Glenn Mansfield Keeni glenn at ...1085...
Tue May 27 18:58:06 EDT 2003

   I guess that Marty and/or someone from the core group of snort-developers
would be in a better position to answer that question.
   My reading is that - since SnortSnmp uses the SNMP libraries - it
cannot be independently security-audited (without carrying out an audit
of the net-snmp code). The current move in Snort is to retain code in core
only if it is security-audited/auditable.
   My intentions are to develop an independent trap generation module for
Snort that will not require external snmp-libraries. But that is not
happenning as quickly as I would want that to happen. Intentions do not
match the time on hand :-(

   Hope that helps.

   Thanks and Cheers


larosa, vjay wrote:
> Hi Glenn,
> Do you know if the SNMP support will be put back in to the snort core? Or
> will it be a patch from now on?
> Thanks!
> vjl

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