[Snort-devel] snort v1.91 and v2.00 = pb tcp Frag BOINK ...

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Wed May 21 12:00:11 EDT 2003


I use snort v1.9.1b234 and snort v2.0.0b72,

and I receive this frag packet this morning : (join tcpdump/pcap file)

10:27:33.010308 > tcp (frag 0:20 at ...1995...+) (ttl
251, len 40)

snort NOT event this ! (and prelude-nids not event)

firestorm (other nids) event this :
May 21 10:27:33 crusoe 11 firestorm-nids053pre3frag: 1053505653.010309
alert=ipfrag sig=4.0 priority=5 src= dst=
proto=6  : Boink

and found doc on boink :

My question is:

WHY snort not event boink ...

WHY snort not event teardrop attack ?

Snort have big pb with many frag attack ...


Crusoe Researchs
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