[Snort-devel] [ snort-Bugs-737771 ] 2.0.0-bug: No backslash in msg

Chris Green cmg at ...402...
Fri May 16 06:55:11 EDT 2003

"SourceForge.net" <noreply at ...12...> writes:

> Initial Comment:
> It's not possible to print a backslash in an alert-message.
> I wanted to log the following message:
> "DOS-command prompt (C:\.....>)"
> I created this msg-tag:
> msg:"DOS-command prompt (C\:\.....>)"
> When logged it looks like this:
> "DOS-command prompt (C:.....>)"
> I don't get the backslash even with two escapes...

Here's a patch to fix that.  It will not be applied for 2.0.1 to make
sure all the other output plugins deal with this correctly. There was
no way before for the msg to contain a \.

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