[Snort-devel] Bug in snort v2.0.0 - no chroot

Martin Olsson elof at ...969...
Mon May 5 04:33:14 EDT 2003

The snort manual states:

-t chroot
    Changes Snort's root directory to chroot after ini-
    tialization.   Please note that all log/alert file-
    names are  relative  to  the  chroot  directory  if
    chroot is used.

When I run 'snort -c snort.conf -l /usr/snort/log -u 100 -g 100
-t /usr/snort -D', the chroot option have no effect. Snort is logging to
/usr/snort/log/* as usual. I was expecting an error stating that
/usr/snort/usr/snort/log does not exist (chroot-dir + log-dir).

This is reproducable every time.

Compiled and run under FreeBSD 4.7.

/Martin Olsson
Sentor AB, Sweden

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