[Snort-devel] ASN.1 Preprocessor for Snort 2.0rc1

Andrew R. Baker andrewb at ...835...
Sat Mar 29 10:31:13 EST 2003

Andrew R. Baker wrote:
 > Attached is a patch that will add back the ASN.1 preprocessor that was
 > removed with the rc1 release of Snort 2.0.  The ASN.1 preprocessor
 > validates the length encodings within packets destined to UDP/161 and
 > UDP/162.  This particular version should correct the following issues
 > that were present in the versions available in earlier versions of Snort:
 >     * incorrect reporting of some error conditions
 >     * possible memory access fault processing some length encodings
 >     * continued processing of a packet after generating an event
 >         causing excessive recursion in the decoder.
 > If you use this and like it, let me know.
 > -A

Now with a patch that will actually compile cleanly.


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