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I have managed to get Snort 1.9.1 compiled and running in Tru64.  I have 
attached my findings below.  I am going to work on 2.0 soon.  What is the 
best way for me to make suggested code changes for Tru64 support?


Brandon Saunders
Senior Network Engineer
Ohio University Communication Network Services
Email: brandon.a.saunders.1 at ...1873...

The primary issue is the include file for the u_int32_t type.  In Tru64 
u_int32_t is not included in the sys/types.h file.  Adding the include file 
sys/bitypes.h is necessary for the system to compile.

The following code needs to be added to these files after the #include 
<sys/types.h> statement.

#ifdef OSF1
#include <sys/bitypes.h>


It may be necessary to add this code elsewhere to more strictly declare the 

With this change the code will compile with the Compaq compiler, but 
alignment errors do occur during runtime.  To compensate for this problem 
the -misalign option can be added to the CFLAGS variable in the following 


Work should be done to determine the changes necessary in the autoconf 
scripts to add this option in Tru64.  I suppose this could also be done by 
setting the a CFLAGS shell variable before running the .configure script.

This generates a running program that does not issue Alignment Errors.  It 
does crash with a core dump.  The ladebug shows that the http_decode 
preprocessor is the source of the problem.  To work around this problem the 
preprocessor was commented out of the config file.

#preprocessor http_decode

More debugging will be done on that in the future.

The program appears to work in this state for a couple of days, then 
crashes.  I am looking into that as well.

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I am currently working to get Snort 1.9.1 to work on Tru64 5.1a, and am
getting a great deal of alignment errors which are related to the 64 bit

Snort 1.8b1 was supplied with the Tru64 5.1B Open Source Software
Collection. It works, but core dumps after a few minutes in operation and
has several known issues.

Does anyone have a version of Snort later than 1.8.1 working on Tru64 or
any other 64-bit operating system?

Thank You,

Brandon Saunders
Senior Network Engineer
Ohio University Communication Network Services
Email: brandon.a.saunders.1 at ...1873...

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